bringing innovative ideas


We are Ametros Solutions, a company bringing innovative ideas into reality in your hands. The company was founded upon a few core beliefs.

The founders of Ametros shared a vision that the advancement of IT should be more than a privilege that it should be shared with and used by as many people as possible.

They also shared a view that any innovative product should be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Equipped with these visions, the founders have established Ametros Solutions, LLC in 2013 to design and develop products that people would love.

The company’s main focus remains technological innovation with an emphasis on research and development of new products. Currently, we have over 30 full-time employees working on a variety of projects: home automation system, special purpose tablets, and medical devices.


Wireless charger by Ametros was the first cross-platform device for both Qi enabled and iOS products.

June 2013

Ametros has offices in the United States, Mongolia, and China.

November 2014

In October 2015, Dobu home automation system by Ametros has been delivered to the first customer in Mongolia. The first sale in the United States is to follow soon.

October 2015

We will be presenting our products at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, NV.

January 2016



Infusing art in all we do

Being Innovative

Team Sprit

Our core values

You or we or all other humans are all creators of wonders on this planet and beyond. An ability to write down the simplest thought into words is a pure wonder. But, we as humans are much more than that, an Ametros home automation system is a testament to it. We have designed devices that not only can follow our orders, but also can learn behaviors and traits of us. We humans help each other just because others need it. This is why we value human intelligence and believe in people’s ability to do good. At the same time, we value being creative and innovative while being socially responsible…Ametros is its innovations.

Speaking of a society, it is what we make collectively with our common or individual values, beliefs, and attitudes. On the other hand, individual strengths make the whole exponentially stronger. This is why we value team spirit while respecting individuals…Ametros is its people.

Let’s get a little more technical. Without our first technical innovations, knifes or wheels, we probably would still be sitting in a cave. If scientists are the brains of human race, then engineers would be its heart and artists would be its soul. This is why we believe that engineers are artists. We believe that art is visual engineering…Ametros is its perfection of products.

Finally, we believe that what we make must make people happy. Let’s be happy!

Mission Statement

Ametros aims to become a company recognized for its innovations. We will transform the world information technology landscape via bringing innovative ideas into reality. Ametros has two pronged approach of advancing IT to a new frontier while enhancing everyone’s equal access to the breakthroughs of IT. As a result, Ametros will improve efficiency and productivity of people’s everyday lives. Our business is being innovative and aesthetic while cherishing people and team spirit. Ametros strives to establish a new standard in doing great business while being socially responsible.


We are people united in a sole mission with a grand idea of changing the world IT landscape by advancing applied science and technology via novel ideas and affordable products. We innovate, design, and develop solutions or products that are worthy of being a pioneer. Ametros works to promote prosperity for all parties involved.


Within this project, we designed and developed wireless charger for electrical devices, particularly for cell phones. The charger consisted of a a charging case and a charging pad. The charging case was made of flexible material that gave it smooth feeling and light weight. The pad was omnidirectional. Different devices, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy III, Pantech XX, were compatible with this charger. At the time of the development, our prototype was well developed and matched the few products that were available on the market. It even exceeded these products in technical capabilities.

In order to finance the manufacturing, we turned into crowdfunding. Although our campaign did not reach its goal, it was a good learning experience for us.


Within the development of Dobu, we have perfected our own embedded operating system (eOS) that can serve as a basis for a larger group of Ametros products. Its first example is an Ametros medical device. This tablet-like device features unique characteristics such as a built-in sensor to measure a patient’s temperature. With its HDMI output, SD card slot, and multitasking capabilities, such as patient registration, and treatment records keeping, sharing and storing information becomes a simpler task in high pressure situations that occur frequently in medical facilities.

In the future, we intend to utilize our eOS for wide range of products in different fields from mining to agriculture to transportation.


Part of our objective is to develop high quality products that are affordable, and home automation system by Ametros is a prime example. It is a comprehensive home automation and security system that integrates advanced technologies, such as IoT, embedded operating systems, and wireless sensor networking. The system is named Dobu after a historical wise man and a renowned archer. Together with his brother Duva, they are considered to be forefathers of Mongols.

Dobu system is a smart home assistant that offers a convenience of universal remote controller and acts as an information hub of the house. Dobu system enables a real-time communication between the house and the owner. It gives the owner the total control of the house, including its appliances, while serving as a protective shield. More importantly, Dobu features true automated functions that are rooted in intelligent decisions done by self-learning algorithms. Please visit www.dobu.io to explore more.


Besides, developing our own products we offer two main solutions to our partners: customized electronics solutions and layout designs. We cater to companies and individuals who wish to solve specific electronics problems ranging from optimization to comprehensive design and development. Ametros staff services our customers with designing layout for new electronic devices or improving the existing layout to achieve a better performance.


Customized electronic solution At Ametros, we have expertise in embedded systems, wireless communications such as Zigbee, bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, and high speed mobile computing. Ametros is fully committed to supporting companies or individuals who are seeking to have their ideas or concepts realized via electronics solutions. In general, these solutions may involve low power consuming detectors, smart accessories, high speed mobile embedded platforms, such as tracking or real-time data manager, or consumer electronic devices, such as tablets. We service our customers with full line of services from feasibility study, technical analysis to design and development.

As an experienced team, we recognize the challenge of turning conceptual ideas into commercially successful product or novel solutions, and the processes involved. Therefore, our first and foremost objective always is to work closely with our customers and understand their needs, requirements, and envisioned final products. We are committed to listening our customers and solving their problems. This involves cooperating with not only technical, hardware and/or software, teams also with marketing and executive teams. In other words, the solutions we develop for our customers shall be the best possible fit in cost, time, and efficiency.


Ametros design team members are Fedevel Academy certified and have expertise in complete cycle of schematic and PCB layout design starting from concept to design, prototype development, and to manufacturing optimization.

Our team has a combined 80 plus years of professional experiences in designing multi-layered and high density interconnect PCB’s. We are familiar with arduous task of transforming or fitting small or grand ideas into layout designs, determining the last minuscule details, and problem solving that arise with designing the best possible PCB layout. On the other hand, we realize and respect the urgency of the need. Services we provide are, thus, a complete in technical and business aspects.


We are constantly seeking for capable individuals who share our values and mission. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you believe you fit the Ametros profile.

We are always open for business proposals or potential cooperations. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you believe your idea agrees with our vision and core values.